If you are curious about past life regression or you're a fan of Dolores Cannon then this workshop is for you. This is the same workshop that Dolores Cannon gave at conferences and I'll be working from her script. It's a 2+ hour workshop and is a great way to experience a past life for yourself.



Halloween - Sunday October 31- 2021

Date TBA - 2021 - join list above for notification.


During this 2 hour zoom workshop we will begin with an intro to hypnosis and some visualization exercises. From there we will do a past life regression and view some scenes from that life. Since it is a group regression it will be much different than a private regression, a light version we'll call it. We want to keep you aware enough so you can write down your experience when you awaken. Our next journey is a visit with your guide or guardian angel. You will receive a gift and a message from your guides that will help you in this lifetime now. The next journey will take us into a future life... a possible future. After that we will go on a bonus journey... and you'll have to be there to find out what that is. There will be interaction in-between each journey to discuss the experience and ask questions.


Dolores Cannon was a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who specialized in the recovery and cataloging of “Lost Knowledge”. She recovered this lost knowledge while her clients were in trance from their deep subconscious minds and wrote 19 books using the transcripts from these sessions including the series The Convoluted Universe. Dolores was a pioneer in past life regression and went on to teach her technique to thousands of students and she called her technique Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or QHHT for short. This workshop does not use QHHT because QHHT takes you so deep that you need to be one-on-one and in-person. The workshop is protected content so it can only be done live with no recording or public broadcasting.


A device with Zoom installed.

Headphones would be best or speakers.

A comfortable place where you can sit or lie down comfortably & safely. A quiet area with privacy would be best.

Paper & pen so you can write down what you see.

Video would be good but not necessary.

Avoid drinking too much before & avoid caffeine.

An open mind and without expectations.

Whatever comes to mind during the session, don't question it. Go with whatever pops into your mind. If it feels like you are making it up then go with it anyways.

Have fun and enjoy the experience.


He came from Jeshua's behalf with a small contract written on a scroll saying that I was to have a good  fun part of this life ahead after what I had lived up to now. Fun and serenity.

Thank you Jeff. Was an interesting session. Will be in touch 🙂 My spirit guide was a tiger that morphed into a hooded man whose name was Josiah which I already knew. My gift was an orb and he told me he loved me 🙂 thank you for that!

My guide is Archangel Michael & he gave me a box of light, the light of God. The message was you are never alone.

got the name Miracle of my guide and there was crystal in the box and message was he will be always with you and will guide you until you are ready to come back.

His name is Muhro, and my box was full of light

You are very good therapist.. I had a QHHT session with a different practitioner in early August this year but didn't see as much as I did tonight.. and I had more fun. 

200 years in future. I was a guide- no body sparks of light, waiting in space for my person to be born (currently my dog in this life). felt pure joy of being a guide

300 years - I look like an elf/fairy. I have a dragon that I love dearly. It's just me and my dragon, we fly everywhere, laughing. I get a human to train

thank you... its been really fun😊😊

Thankyou so much it was amazing experience. 🙏

Thank you So much Jeff!  I really appreciate the evening!

Your session is very relaxing and enjoyable..  its far better then my paid session (different practitioner) in August.. All the best in your future QHHT practice..

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