What Is Hypnosis?

On this page you will learn about what hypnosis is, and what hypnosis is not. By the end of this page you will know if you can do hypnosis. You will also learn about the different techniques or modalities that I utilize to help you create change in your life.

The 3 common misconceptions about hypnosis

This is the one minute pre-brief created by Sean Michael Andrews, the world's fastest hypnotist. Watch this video to learn what the 3 most common misconceptions about hypnosis are, and what is true instead.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for creating change.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not what you think it is... Hypnosis is what you think it is.

Hypnosis is not mind control... hypnosis is the ultimate demonstration of self control.

You can't get stuck in hypnosis.

You don't reveal secrets that you don't want to in hypnosis.

hypnosis PRE-tALK

The hypnosis pre-talk is the most important part of the hypnosis session. Most people have the wrong idea of what hypnosis is and would say the are not in a trance when they actually are just because they had a different expectation than what it is. I work with some styles of hypnosis that have the client's SubConscious answer questions and sometimes a client won't answer for a while & when I ask what's going on I find that they are waiting for a possession to take place like in the movie Poltergeist. That's just not what happens. Watch the video to find out what to actually expect... and watch me suck a lemon.

List of modalities that I'm trained & certified in. Any with links will take you to a page with more information.

Ericksonian Hypnosis
PSP - Profound Somnambulism Protocol
The Krasner Method of Hypnotherapy
QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
BQH - Beyond Quantum Hypnosis
Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Time Line Therapy
Regression Healing
Past Life Regression Therapy
Spirit Releasement Therapy
Quantum Hypnosis
Parts Therapy
Estabrooks, Elman, 
Self Hypnosis
Stage Hypnosis
Higher Self Hypnosis
NLP Coaching

I have found that it's important to learn from many mentors in order to expand my capabilities. I learned from Kim Redman at Creatrix, Tad James, Dolores Cannon, Freddy Jacquin, Mike Mandel, Karl Smith, Jason Linette, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Carl Jung, Candace Craw-Goldman, Chris Turner, Mark Beale and many more. I like to learn from the best and so I'm constantly learning and upgrading my skills. My biggest learnings come from working with you.

Frame Of mind

This video is a longer pre-talk that includes many frames that can be transformational all on their own. Frames are another way of looking at things in order to give you a new perspective such that you'll find yourself understanding your problems in a whole new way.

On-Line or In-Person Sessions

Sessions are available both in-person or on-line over Zoom. Thousands of sessions have been performed on-line over recent years and they have proven to be an effective alternative to in-person sessions, especially during a pandemic. Zoom has also emerged as a stable platform and internet speeds have increased exponentially. My current speed is 50 Mbps down & 10 Mbps up so that ensures a lot of bandwidth for video.

There is some that say sessions should never be done on-line, Dolores Cannon's QHHT being one of them, and that is based on Dolores' experience with technology prior to 2013 when she transitioned. Technology has come a long way since then and connections are much more reliable. Dolores was also not very techno savvy and preferred the one on one, in-person experience. QHHT certification is for re-creating the experience one would have with Dolores so there's no plan to change and allow sessions to be done on-line. With so many other options though, we can recreate the QHHT experience on-line with a different modality

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis works at the SubConscious level. Your body is capable of so much more than you realize. Dr. Joe Dispenza has done a lot of research on the placebo effect and he tells us that you are the placebo. If you believe that you are getting better than you will. If you have a negative attitude then you'll get worse. Cancer doctors tell us that the patients outlook will determine their outcome so it's important to have a positive outlook for your recovery. Henry Ford told us that whether you believe that you can do a thing or you believe that you can't, you are correct. 

Scientific studies show us some incredible results with hypnosis. When a hypnotist makes sure that they only work with clients whop are ready for change then there is a high rate of success. Since all hypnosis is self hypnosis, you can't force someone to quit smoking if they don't really want to. If you're looking to use hypnosis because your spouse wants you to lose weight then you're wasting your time. The number one factor for success is your why, your reason for making the change you want.

What happens with hypnosis is we bypass the critical faculty, the part of the mind that filters your experience, and we work directly at the SubConscious level to remove old beliefs and programming and replace them with new beliefs and programming that will create the change that you're looking for. 

The Benefits of Using Hypnosis

Reprograms beliefs for lasting change
Resolve past traumas that are holding you back
Eliminates the need for will power and makes your journey much easier
You notice that changes happened rather than trying to force change
Hypnosis uses powerful visualization & goal setting to get you in the right mindset
Adopt the mindset of the successful version of yourself
Accept yourself for who you are and finally become good enough
Discover self love
Safe, effective, and non-surgical
Feel great about yourself
Your new habit becomes automatic
You will develop a positive self image & confidence
Most change happens in 1 session with some requiring a few sessions
No need for continuous sessions like in traditional psychology

Who Can't Be Hypnotized?

People who don't want to be hypnotized

All hypnosis is self hypnosis and so you can easily choose not to be hypnotized. If you don't follow the instructions then it won't work. The change work created through hypnosis will only work if that's what you want. Going to hypnosis to stop smoking because your Dr. or spouse told you to isn't going to cut it... you have to want the change.

People who are unable to focus

Serious mental illness that doesn't allow you to focus. In a psychotic state for example.
Intoxication. Studies show the having a couple drinks before hypnosis can be helpful but then anything beyond that lowers your ability to focus. If you are drunk or stoned. If you can focus and enough to drive a car then you can be hypnotized. (Don't drive & do hypnosis)

People who don't know what hypnosis is

Many people have a misunderstanding about what the hypnotic trance feels like and so they don't even realize that they are in trance so they pull themselves back out of it in dis-belief. They may believe that they need to be zoned out and not be conscious during the session and that's just not true (although that can happen).

What Style Of Hypnosis Is Right For Me?

The strategy session will help to determine that. Some people require a longer session with talk therapy and conversational hypnosis. There are others who don't want to talk about their problems at all and so non-content hypnosis will be better for them. I do both. Some people just want the experience of a QHHT session, some have a sickness that they want to get rid of & heard of someone else's success with Quantum Hypnosis. Some people just want their problem gone and could care less what kind of hypnosis we use so long as it's effective. For a quick resolution we might just utilize a swish pattern, parts integration or some Time Line Therapy. Best thing to do is to book your free 15 minute strategy session and we can figure that out together.



“I would recommend Jeff to anyone who needs motivation on their path. He was very knowledgeable about the Law Of Attraction especially and how to change the mind state to benefit your needs. He has very positive and uplifting energy and really got me motivated for what I needed in my life. I was dealing with slight anxieties symptoms which have now disappeared! Thank you Jeff for your help.”


“I had a session with Jeff and it was amazing! I wanted some clarity on some health issues and I got it! He was patient and took the time he needed to get the information I needed. He made me feel comfortable and safe. Very knowledgable with hypnosis and I recommend his services to everyone!!”

Results may vary from person to person. We guarantee the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not meant to diagnose or treat any disease, but rather it is intended to provide information, education, and motivation that will help to you live to your best potential and guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself.

Jeff Broomfield Hypnosis offers services worldwide via Zoom sessions and also provides in person hypnosis session in beautiful Paris, Ontario, Canada. Located in the County of Brant about halfway between London & Toronto. Also serving Brantford, Cambridge, Hamilton, Woodstock, Simcoe, Long Point, Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo and surrounding areas. It's worth the drive to Paris. 

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