Quantum Hypnosis reaches deep into your soul and affects you at the quantum level

Quantum Hypnosis is not a specific modality but rather a style of hypnosis that contacts your Higher Self and we have a conversation with that being, and you can call that being your higher self, soul, over soul, SubConscious, unconscious... whatever you call it, we have a conversation and unlock your full potential that's been trapped within, solve your problems, heal your body, resolve trauma, change beliefs and get answers to your questions. 

The main modalities that I utilize here are QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, BQH - Beyond Quantum Healing & Regression Healing. It's not the modality that's important here but rather the result.

The process isn’t magic, though the results can be magical.

You will discover:

How to get results immediately even if willpower has failed in the past
A customized experience rather than a cookie-cutter approach.
Profound hypnotic experiences so you know how and why the process is working for you.
Rapid self-hypnosis strategies that give you back control (and put me out of a job!).

Stop overthinking your problem. Create your success now.

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Can be done in-person or on-line (QHHT is in-person only)
Address many issues at once for a complete transformation
Includes a past life regression for most sessions
Includes quantum healing
Reaches your highest self for a conversation
Your higher self has a conversation with me
Your higher self makes the changes for you
Release past traumas and recover
Discover self love
You write the questions and I will ask your higher self for the answers
Get a recording of your session


PSP - Profound Somnambulism Protocol

Profound Somnambulism Protocol is one of my preferred techniques because it gets you into the deepest levels of hypnosis so that your critical thinking mind is taking a nap and that allows me to communicate with your deep subconscious and together we will do the work that you are ready to do.

BQH - Beyond Quantum Healing

"BQH is powerful, heart-based, and above all; flexible. Practitioners and their clients are individuals, this method recognizes and celebrates each unique perspective." Candace Craw-Goldman, Creator of BQH

Beyond Quantum Healing breaks free of the dogma and limitations of QHHT and frees up the practitioner to be completely flexible. QHHT is strictly by the script with no deviations and it's only allowed to be done in one long session and in-person. With BQH that all changes and there are no rules. This allows the technique to expand beyond what Dolores created. Candace assisted Dolores with training new QHHT practitioners and created a forum for all the students to communicate and support each other and after Dolores passed, she ended up taking that support forum on her own and then created BQH.

BQH sessions can be don on-line or in-person. They are shorter than a QHHT session.

QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Dolores Cannon developed and perfected her unique method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), over several decades and thousands of QHHT® sessions. QHHT® achieves the deepest level of hypnosis possible, the Somnambulistic level of trance. The Somnambulistic state is ordinarily experienced two times a day: just before becoming awake and just before falling asleep. Most hypnotists do not work in the Somnambulistic level, either because they don’t have the ability to access this level of trance, or they are weary of working in the most mysterious level of hypnosis, which can produce unexpected results, such as reliving a past life. Dolores Cannon’s curiosity and fearlessness about the unknown and untried has ensured her enduring legacy as a pioneer in past life regression who continues to pave the way for QHHT® Practitioners now and in the future with her QHHT® classes.

QHHT can be done in-person only.

RH - Regression Healing

Successful QHHT and Regression Healing facilitator and Hypno-Therapist Chris Turner is sharing his evolved knowledge, now you can learn how to successfully take 99% of the human race into past lives to attain profound knowledge, enlightenment and well being. -  Regression Healing™ will always bring a greater understanding for anyone wishing to gain knowledge of their Souls journey and why they have had to experience certain scenarios in this current life-time.

Chris took Dolores' QHHT and modified it to create his own modality that he now teaches. It's very similar to QHHT but it can be done on-line. If you want to experience QHHT on-line then this is the closest option for that.

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

Click here to discover how to schedule your free Hypnotic Strategy Session to set a plan for your success.


Prior to your session you will be required to create a list of questions and then bring it with you in a typed format. I suggest 2 separate lists with one for health related issues that you would like to address and a list of life questions. While writing your questions it would be good to pretend that you are asking a being that is connected to the source of all knowledge and can do anything or answer any question you could possibly have. The most popular questions are :

What is my life purpose? What is my mission?
Why am I here? Who am I?
What drains my energy? How can I protect myself from it's negative effect?
What would I like to stop worrying about? What steps can I take to let go of the worry? Can I just let it go now?

Here’s a link to a page with many more example questions to help inspire you.

Set your intention for an amazing experience where you will go into hypnosis easily and effortlessly and you will get all of the answers that your looking for. Just say it to yourself now and that’s all you really need to do to prepare other than making sure you type out your questions and send them to me in advance.

Your experience will be 3-7 hours (possibly longer) & length will depend on the modality used and what your needs are. It would be best to have a good meal before the session. Since you could be under hypnosis for a couple hours, it would be a good idea to limit fluid intake so you can be comfortable during the hypnosis, where you will be completely relaxed…. so relaxed that even your bladder will be relaxed.

There are some videos at the bottom of the page that you can watch to enhance your experience and help you prepare for deep trance.

Videos that can enhance your experience

These videos are my hypnosis pre-talks with each covering different material. They are not necessary for your session but they can enhance your session and make it easier to go into trance. Some of the frames can be quite transformational all on their own and create some ah-ha moments for you.

Suzanne Spooner is one of the top QHHT practitioners and she gives some great advice for a great session.



“I would recommend Jeff to anyone who needs motivation on their path. He was very knowledgeable about the Law Of Attraction especially and how to change the mind state to benefit your needs. He has very positive and uplifting energy and really got me motivated for what I needed in my life. I was dealing with slight anxieties symptoms which have now disappeared! Thank you Jeff for your help.”


“I had a session with Jeff and it was amazing! I wanted some clarity on some health issues and I got it! He was patient and took the time he needed to get the information I needed. He made me feel comfortable and safe. Very knowledgable with hypnosis and I recommend his services to everyone!!”

Here’s what to do next:

This process begins with you.

Click here to discover how to schedule your free Hypnotic Strategy Session to set a plan for your success.

Results may vary from person to person. We guarantee the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not meant to diagnose or treat any disease, but rather it is intended to provide information, education, and motivation that will help to you live to your best potential and guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself.

Jeff Broomfield Hypnosis offers services worldwide via Zoom sessions and also provides in person hypnosis session in beautiful Paris, Ontario, Canada. Located in the County of Brant about halfway between London & Toronto. Also serving Brantford, Cambridge, Hamilton, Woodstock, Simcoe, Long Point, Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo and surrounding areas. It's worth the drive to Paris. 

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