You’re about to level up!

You find yourself here for a reason. The law of attraction put you right here, right now, so that you can get the answers you seek. This is a place where you can find answers to questions and clearly see solutions for problems. This is where you can…

Find your True Authentic Self, find True Self Love and Unconditional Acceptance. find your Mission and your Purpose in life… find YourSelf!

Are those the things that you are looking for?

After years of searching I have finally found all those things for myself, and more. I’m on a path of living in alignment with my inner being and my mission.

My mission: I guide people to a place where you find who you are and what is your true purpose in life and then identify the source of your problems, limitations and barriers so that you can resolve them and then live life to your fullest potential as your true authentic self.

In an afternoon we take a walking tour of your subconscious mind and connect you with your higher self for a truly mind-blowing transformational experience. We have become a master hypnotist and utilize many modalities and what we find the most effective, or at least my favourite, is QHHT. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

I have no words to express how grateful I am for having met Jeff. Ever since I had my session with Jeff I feel like a new man, I feel like God or the Universe has given me a second chance at life after being in such a state of desperation.” – JD

I have to admit that my ego believes it to be wizardry because the results can be quite extraordinary. In reality, I’m just the guide and it’s the client that’s connected to pure source energy answering your own questions as the infinite being that truly you are. You become the wizard.

Here’s a video of my first experience as a client.

What is my life purpose? Why is my life as it is? Why am I here? What’s wrong with my relationships? How do I create a better life? Should I quit my job? What’s holding me back? Why am I always tired? How do I move forward in the best way possible? Do I have a soul? Do I reincarnate?

These are just a few of the questions people get answers to and you’ll find a much bigger list of potential questions on this page. Some people ask about family and relationships. Some ask about health concerns. You can heal anything your SubConscious will allow. You can eliminate barriers to your success. Eliminate limiting beliefs. Resolve negative emotions. You will learn how to move forward in the most empowering way possible.

This experience has changed everything for the good ” – Jayne

Here’s an actual client session where the client found self love

“It seemed to really help move me forward in all my dreams.” – Claudia

Click here to find out more about QHHT

People come to me when they are ready to level up. When they have a desire to create a better life for themselves and those around them. When they want to come into alignment with the higher purpose and become the best version of themselves. If you notice I say that you “can” experience these benefits and you “can” get these answers… I say can because it will be up to you and your SubConscious mind to make it happen. When you decide to submit to the process and let it happen you will get those results and it’s up to me to provide a safe space for that to happen.

He was patient and took the time he needed to get the information I needed. He made me feel comfortable and safe. Very knowledgeable with hypnosis and I recommend his services to everyone!!” – Jennifer

I also utilize other modalities of hypnosis and I’m a trainer of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a tool of knowledge and self empowerment so I’ll be creating training videos to help others learn. We’ll be adding our StressBuster & Migraineze pages as we progress. For now the focus is QHHT.
I’m also mastering the art of the Law of Attraction and will be sharing that knowledge.

Jeff’s Frame of Mind

This is my hypnosis pre-talk that I use to help loosen up your model of the world so you can achieve the deepest levels of trance. It describes how our minds work and interact with the worlds around us… physical and non-physical. My clients tell me that they experience quite a few ah-ha moments and awakenings just from this part alone so I recorded it so we can see what it does for you. Go ahead. Watch it!!

Here another actual QHHT experience in this video below.

Not only does he guide you to a new place, you get to take it home and play with it.” – Kim

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